Direct Connect™

Private Communication Tool

Direct Connect™ is a feature in Noteflow that enables users to communicate with their service providers and manage all messages, documents, and tasks in one place. This eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails or phone calls, streamlining the communication process and saving time. In addition, Direct Connect™ automatically records all communication, allowing for easy tracking and organization. This enhances accountability, as team members can easily access past messages and documents to see who was responsible for what.

Direct Connect™

With Direct Connect™, users can send and receive messages, attach documents, and assign tasks to service providers directly from the Noteflow platform. This centralized communication system improves efficiency, organization, and accountability.

Easily maintain multiple conversations on multiple work orders efficiently and accurately, knowing you always have an access to the correct loan data, work details, documents and the relevant people of the given work or task.

The platform is accessible from any device, including desktop, tablet, or mobile, making it easier to communicate and collaborate with team members and external service providers. With Direct Connect™, you can choose to communicate privately with an individual, either from your own team or the opposite team, ensuring efficient and secure communication. Say goodbye to email nightmares and phone calls!

Direct Connect

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“ This will be a game-changer in the Default/NPL space, as no other commercially available product exists in terms of connectivity, functionality, simplicity or price “

Midwest Legal

Service Provider

" Noteflow integration to our existing software allows us to do more without increasing our staff "

Central Investment Fund

Asset Management Company

" I have yet to encounter a technology solution for NPL's as robust, timely, and relevant as Noteflow "

Caballero Lender Services

Asset Manager

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