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An overview of Noteflow & our business-to-business platform

Our asset manager for PL’s, NPL’s & REO’s will save you time and money by streamlining workflows, automatically logging important transaction data/communications, systemizing data formats between asset managers and service providers, and more.


Discover how Noteflow's features can unlock your business potential

Noteflow has many features that help improve your quality of life. Take your business up a notch with features that help automate, communicate and organize your workflow all in one place.


Asset Management

With a dynamic management system, Noteflow provides tools and features to help users track and analyze their assets, streamline workflows, and make informed decisions.


Asset Onboarding

Quickly and efficiently onboard new assets/loans without the need for complex processes. Save time and effort when it comes to managing portfolios and onboarding new and existing assets.


Sync Technology

A bi-directional interface software that enables large entities with advanced in-house technologies to interface digitally and automatically with Noteflow's platform.


Work/Task Management

Our work management systems allows both asset managers and service providers to request, accept or reject, and manage services through a collaborative process, reducing the need for manual communication or data entry.


Tracking & Scheduling

Enable users to monitor progress and stay on top of deadlines, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of missing deadlines.


Direct Connect™

Manage all messages, documents, and tasks in one place. Easily maintain multiple conversations on multiple work orders efficiently and accurately, knowing you always have an access to the correct loan data, work details, documents and the relevant people of the given work or task.


Document Organizer

Stay organized and efficient by tracking and sharing important documents in one central location. Our secure document sharing capabilities ensure that your sensitive information is protected while allowing for easy collaboration with your team and service providers.


Alerts & Notifications

Our platform sends notifications directly to the user's dashboard and/or mail inbox, so they can keep track of important dates, deadlines, and milestones. Each user can customize their alerts to their preferences.


Activity Logs

Keep a level of transparency and tracking, allowing all parties involved to have a clear understanding of the progress and status of the work order, reducing the risk of miscommunications or delays.

What our customers say about us

“ This will be a game-changer in the Default/NPL space, as no other commercially available product exists in terms of connectivity, functionality, simplicity or price “

Midwest Legal

Service Provider

" Noteflow integration to our existing software allows us to do more without increasing our staff "

Central Investment Fund

Asset Management Company

" I have yet to encounter a technology solution for NPL's as robust, timely, and relevant as Noteflow "

Caballero Lender Services

Asset Manager

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