Asset Onboarding

Advanced Onboarding Tool

Noteflow’s onboarding system is designed to simplify the process of asset/loan onboarding and streamline portfolio management for users. By offering an easy-to-use platform, users can quickly and efficiently onboard new assets/loans without the need for complex processes or extensive training. The platform's learning feature is also designed to adapt to the unique needs of users, further improving the efficiency and ease of the onboarding process over time. With this system, users can potentially save time and effort when it comes to managing their portfolio, reducing the potential for headaches or complications associated with loan onboarding.

Upload File

Simply drag your asset portfolio file from your computer to the designated area.

  • Asset Type (NPL, PL, RPL, REO)
  • Asset ID (unique identifier)
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zipcode

Approve Header Row

Specify if your file contains a header row or not.

Approve Header Row

Match Fields / Columns

Go through the fields of the uploaded file and match field names from our template. Our system will learn over time to match your data fields fully automatically.

To double check our automated filed matching, move the mouse over the desired field name and you will be able to view the data on your right corner of your screen.

Match Fields / Columns

Review and Finalizing

You can review and edit/change the data as needed, similar to Excel's features, until you are happy with the data. You can exit this step at any time and the system will remember where you left off. When you’re done, simply press the Import button to begin importing your asset portfolio.

Review and Finalizing

Updating Your Asset

We provide users with the option to update assets either individually using an editor or through a bulk update feature. Updating assets individually using an editor may be useful for users who need to make specific changes to a single asset, while the bulk update feature can help users make changes to multiple assets simultaneously, potentially saving time and effort. With these options, users have flexibility in how they manage and update their assets within the Noteflow’s platform.

Updating Your Asset

What our customers say about us

“ This will be a game-changer in the Default/NPL space, as no other commercially available product exists in terms of connectivity, functionality, simplicity or price “

Midwest Legal

Service Provider

" Noteflow integration to our existing software allows us to do more without increasing our staff "

Central Investment Fund

Asset Management Company

" I have yet to encounter a technology solution for NPL's as robust, timely, and relevant as Noteflow "

Caballero Lender Services

Asset Manager

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